Our Research & Development scientists have vast experience by conducting extensive research both in nature and in laboratories. Our researchers have spent many years exploring and discovering herbal substances and extracts in the least explored areas of the world: Africa, Himalayas, Caucasus, Amazon rainforests, islands in the Indian Ocean and many other places on our planet.

Our research is inspired by the accumulated knowledge carried forward over the centuries of various and numerous native healers and physicians, shamans, Nepalese monks, ancient Greek, Egyptian and Asian documents, as well as findings of modern research and case studies of famous institutes and universities.

We know how to combine and implement this knowledge hence develop innovative and effective health products.

We have both the means, the knowledge and we use all latest innovative technologies to develop effective health products in tables, coated tablets, hard gelatin capsules, soft gelatin capsules, powders, creams, gels, syrups and other forms, according to clients’ needs.

Our Scientific Board includes famous scientists and highly qualified experts with publications in various scientific subjects and medical fields. Our research is conducted in collaborated laboratories in different countries.